About Us

Air Masters, LLC is a family owned and operated, full service HVAC company licensed in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.  Proudly operated by Gene Grove, we specialize in service and installation.

We started our heating and cooling business because in the past, Gene worked with other larger HVAC companies whose ultimate goal was to hurry and get as many service or installation calls done in the quickest amount of time. Their priority was obtaining the highest margin of profit, with no concentration on whether the job was done right or not. Well, this mentality did not sit well with Gene and it was the driving force behind his desire to start his own HVAC company; a company where the customer truly does come first.

As you will read in our customers’ testimonials, we can assure you that after you meet Gene you will see that he truly cares about our customers and their families. He is a very honest, reliable, and conscientious company owner that is dedicated to the comfort, safety and happiness of his customers. This devotion and dedication to our customers is the building block on which our heating and cooling company is based.

Our professional service and installation technicians are trained in this higher level of customer satisfaction. On a daily basis, we review the many changes that take place in our industry so that we can continue to offer you the latest and greatest HVAC products and technology.

Class A Licensed, Bonded & Insured

24 Hour Emergency Service

Call us at 1-866-612-HVAC

  • Testimonials

    Thanks so much for your help, dedication and superior service.

    – Ty Boyles

    Gene is always professional, courteous, and fair in his assessments. It’s great having someone to rely on!

    – Michelle S.