Question: “What are the most neglected and over-used appliances in your home?”

Answer: “The Furnace and Air Conditioner.”

With that in mind, you should consider the importance of Preventive Maintenance.

Air Masters, LLC  provides a customized preventive maintenance program that allows you to choose what equipment to service, with pricing that fits your budget.

This agreement has been written so that you, the Customer, will be able to see what you are paying for, and the month that the service will be performed in.

Our Fall and Winter Season Preventive Maintenance Check includes:

  1. Furnace – 10 point check
  2. Boiler (Steam Boilers Excluded) – 10 point check
  3. Humidifier – Change filter and check operation
  4. Electronic Air Filters – Clean filter and check operation
  5. Evaporative Cooler –Shutdown

*Standard filters and Humidifier pads included (Upgraded filters extra)

Our Spring and Summer Season Preventive Maintenance Check includes:

  1. Air Conditioner – 10 point Check
  2. Evaporative Cooler – Start-up
  3. A/C Air Handler – Check operation
  4. Split System A/C – 10 point Check

*A/C standard filters included (upgraded filters extra)


  1. Check Filter and Change if necessary
  2. Gas Leak Check
  3. Gas Pressure Check
  4. Thermostat Operation
  5. Amp Motor
  6. Flue Visual Inspection
  7. Electrical Connection Check
  8. Motors and Coil Check
  9. Igniter or Pilot Assembly Check
  10. Visual Inspection of Furnace


  1. Condensate Drain
  2. Temperature Drop Performance
  3. Inspect Condensor Coil
  4. Thermostat Operation
  5. Electrical Connection Check
  6. Check Filter and Change if necessary
  7. Freon Check
  8. Oil Motor if applicable
  9. Check Amp Draw
  10. Visual Inspection of A/C

Our Maintenance Agreement Customers receive preferential scheduling and a 15% discount on parts and labor. All of our technicians have been certified by the EPA to carry, and to recover all types of refrigerant (Freon).

We saved the most important POINT FOR LAST. The piece of mind that goes with knowing that your equipment is SAFE and ready to deliver the comfort you deserve.

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  • Testimonials

    Thanks so much for your help, dedication and superior service.

    – Ty Boyles

    Gene is always professional, courteous, and fair in his assessments. It’s great having someone to rely on!

    – Michelle S.